North Drywood Falls

May 29, 2021. An easy and popular family hike to an attractive waterfall. Region: Castle Wilderness. Traditional Territory of the Tsuu T’ina, Ktunaxa, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 4.1 km one-way Total Ascent: 150 m Elevation of Objective: 1690 m Time: 1h 15m one-way Often just referred to as Drywood Falls, this trail is a […]

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Crandell Lake

May 15, 2021. A quick and easy hike with kids to an old favourite in Waterton. Region: Waterton Lakes National Park. Traditional Territory of the Blackfoot, Ktunaxa, and Tsuu T’ina First Nations Distance: 1.7 km one-way from the Akamina Parkway to the south shore Total Ascent: 90 m Elevation of Objective: 1528 m Time: 35 […]

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Stanley Glacier Trail

July 16, 2020. A scenic hike in Kootenay National Park, featuring glaciers, cliffs, boulders and waterfalls. Region: Kootenay National Park. Traditional territory of the Ktunaxa, Tsuu T’ina, and Blackfoot First Nations. Distance: 11 km round-trip Total Ascent: 395 m Total Time: 3h 55m After an absence of several years, my family returned to Kootenay National Park this summer […]

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Takakkaw Falls

July 15, 2020. A visit to a magnificent waterfall in Yoho National Park. Region: Yoho National Park. Traditional territory of the Tsuu T’ina, Ktunaxa, Blackfoot and Kelly Lake Metis First Nations. Distance: 1.4 km return Total Ascent: negligible This is an easy walking trail to one of the most amazing places in the Canadian Rockies: Takakkaw […]

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Lake Minnewanka

July 15, 2020. A short, fun, walk/hike in Banff. Perfect for kids. Region: Banff National Park. Traditional territory of the Blackfoot, Ktunaxa, Stoney Nakoda, and Tsuu T’ina First Nations. Distance: 2.8 km round-trip to Stewart Canyon bridge Total ascent: 49 m Lake Minnewanka is right outside the Banff townsite. As a result, it is a massively popular destination […]

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Sarrail Falls and Hidden Lake

July 20, 2019. A rainy day hike hike to one of Kananaskis Country’s most popular waterfalls and one of its lesser-visited lakes. Distance: 1.1 km one-way to Sarrail Falls; 6.1 km one-way to Hidden Lake (this seems to be the distance most closely matching the Gem Trek map, another app on my phone said it was […]

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Haig Lake Loop

June 23, 2019. An enjoyable rainy day hike to a picturesque lake. Distance: 8.3 km loop* Total Ascent: 460 m* Elevation of Objective: 1800 m Total Time: 2h 25m *Due to the fact that I wandered around en route, these figures may vary from the most direct route. Castle Mountain Ski Resort is the closest […]

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