A hiking blog!

This is intended mostly as a personal chronicle, but I will be trying to make it useful for people who are researching trails they want to try. In the grand scheme of hiking blogs, this is a fairly humble offering but hopefully it’ll be a project that will grow through the years. It would already be substantially bigger if I’d just started blogging a few years ago…

In pursuing my hiking hobby, I have 2 over-arching objectives:

  1. Take every opportunity to get out to the mountains and explore.
  2. Don’t be a Dead Guy on a Mountain.

Objective 1 gets me out the door. Hopefully, Objective 2 gets me home again.

Naturally, you should not rely solely on my descriptions when planning any kind of outing in the mountains. I’ll reference guidebooks or blogs that I used to prepare for my trips in the posts where relevant. I also use Gem Trek maps and the Topo Maps Canada app on my iPhone.