Miner’s Path

June 14, 2021. A pleasant walk leading to a small waterfall. Perfect for kids on a hot day.

  • Region: Crowsnest Pass. Traditional territory of the Ktunaxa, Tsuu T’ina, and Blackfoot First Nations
  • Distance: 2 km round-trip
  • Total Ascent: 50 m
  • Safety and Disclaimer

There seems to be decent information out there about which hikes to do during shoulder season or rainy days, but not much about which hikes to do when the weather is particularly hot. Miner’s Path in the Crowsnest Pass fits the bill. Though it’s more of a walk than a hike, there’s plenty of natural ambiance to enjoy, an area of rocks to clamber over if desired, and a picturesque waterfall at the end. The hike can be done in all seasons, but the shady creekside route is perfect for hot days. The fact that a spray park is adjacent to the parking area at the trailhead makes this a particularly good choice for parents with young kids.

Access is from Hwy 3. There are clear signs pointing out where to turn from the highway. Follow the road right then left into the parking area. The spray park and washroom facilities are near the parking area entrance. The trailhead for Miner’s Path is at the far side of the parking area. Click here for the Google map.

A sign at the trailhead discusses the historic importance of the path, and the very obvious trail sets off from there. Highlights include some very large trees, water tumbling over rocks, and a gate politely asking that you close it after you pass through (and not hit your head with the latch). In one area the path enters a clearing with larger rocky outcrops. These offer some opportunities for fun and easy climbing. At the end of the path is a lovely little waterfall. A staircase heads off to the right from the falls – this leads to additional trails including one route up Saskatoon Mountain. Much of the path is flat and wide, but some areas involve more uneven ground or short runs of stairs. People pushing strollers may have to limit their trips or lift the stroller for short distances. We encountered a few toddlers and preschool kids having a glorious time on this path.

An information kiosk marks the start of the trail, describing the historic significance of the path – it was the route miners would walk every day from the town to the mine sites.
Some very big trees line the path.
The sturdy bridge near the start of the trail. Further on there’s a decidedly rickety bridge that has been blocked off.
A short distance up the trail things get more rocky. This area of rocky outcrops makes for fun and easy climbing for kids.
There’s plenty of shade all along the trail.
The rickety and barricaded bridge.
As things get more rocky, the creek becomes more interesting.
You will eventually reach this gate. You are permitted to pass through, just make sure you close it. A message written in Sharpie on the other side of the latch reminds you to hold it up as you pass so it won’t hit you in the head.
Shortly before the waterfall theres a bit of an ascent.
The lovely little waterfall at the end of the path.

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