Wedge Mountain Summit

May 20, 2019. A spring ascent of a low summit in the Crowsnest Pass.

  • Distance: 7.2 km round-trip
  • Total Ascent: 490 m
  • Elevation of Objective: 1917 m
  • Hiking Time: 2h 13m

I’d previously snowshoed up Wedge Mountain Trail in the Crowsnest pass and found it to be a pleasant winter outing. At that time I’d taken a crack at getting up to the summit but had to turn back because of heavily snow-loaded slopes just bellow the summit. This year, on the May long weekend, I had intended to climb Turtle Mountain again, but the weather that day wasn’t favourable – low clouds were obscuring all the tall summits. Not wanting to waste a day in the mountains, I decided to take another crack at Wedge Mountain.

Access and route were as described before. I made it to the very spot that I’d had to turn around previously. It was thinly snow-covered and fairly straight-forward to ascend. Footing was a little iffy here and there because of the snow cover, but there’s no exposure, so a fall would only have resulted in scrapes and bruises. A brief scramble got me onto the summit ridge and I walked over to the cairn and cross which mark the summit.

Click on the pictures in the gallery below to access full-sized images.

Topographic route overview. My prior post showed the route over-layed on satellite imagery.
Elevation profile.
Here’s the exact spot I had to turn around in January of 2018. On this occasion, aside from a little bit of slippery footing, ascending beyond here presented no problems.
Just below the summit ridge. The terrain qualifies as easy scrambling, I think.
The summit cairn and cross come into view.
At the summit. You can see the low cloud stretching out to the horizon and the definite line where the precipitation fell as snow.
Me on the summit. Crowsnest Mountain in the background.
My intended objective for the day, Turtle Mountain, with its head stuck in the clouds.
Telephoto view of Crowsnest Mountain. When I was a much younger man, I climbed that. Hopefully I’ll do it again soon. Ascending Wedge Mountain allows for some very nice views of this peak.


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