Mount Albert Loop

December 27, 2017. A snowshoe trip to the highest peak in Beauvais Lake Provincial Park. Region: Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, Traditional Territory of the Tsuu T’ina, Ktunaxa, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 8.3 km Total Elevation Gain: 318 m Total time: 3h 43m Elevation of objective: 1690 m The remnants of Southern Alberta’s first snowfall of the winter season […]

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Piney Point Loop

November 17, 2017. A snowshoe trip tagging a low summit in Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, Alberta. Region: Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, Traditional Territory of the Blackfoot, Tsuu T’ina, and Ktunaxa First Nations. Distance: 5.8 km loop Total Ascent: 237 m Elevation of Objective: Piney Point 1560 m, “Piney Peak” 1596 m Total Time: 1h 40m February 17, 2021 update: I […]

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Hampstead Heath Circuit

August 12, 2017. A stroll through an ancient London Park, tagging the “summit” of the County of London. It’s vacation time, and I have the great good fortune to be spending 2 weeks in the UK. Getting ready for this trip, I hadn’t really thought about exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve been to […]

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Bertha Peak Attempt

July 30, 2017. A solo attempt at an easy-to-moderate scramble in Waterton Lakes National Park. UPDATE: The report of my successful ascent ca be found here. I’ve been wanting to scramble this peak for a while. Bertha Lake is a perennial favourite, and ever since I found out there was a scrambling route up to […]

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Mount Lineham and Rowe Lakes

July 21, 2017. A solo trip, with a challenging hike/easy scramble to the 2nd highest mountain peak in Waterton Lakes National Park, and a visit to a family of mountain lakes on the return trip. Region: Waterton Lakes National Park. Traditional Territory of the Blackfoot, Ktunaxa, and Tsuu T’ina First Nations Distance: 24 km round-trip Total Ascent: 1433 […]

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Goat Lake

July 17, 2017. A moderately challenging hike featuring an exciting traverse leading to a lake in a hanging valley. Region: Waterton Lakes National Park. Traditional Territory of the Tsuu T’ina, Ktunaxa, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 14.3 km round-trip Elevation Gain: 520 m Elevation of Objective: 2017 m Total time: 4h 55m I’d been promising my 9-year-old daughter that we […]

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Chester Lake & Three Lakes Valley

July 10, 2017. A solo hike to high mountain lakes in Kananaskis country. Region: Kananaskis Country. Traditional Territory of the Stoney, Tsuu T’ina, Ktunaxa, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 15.6 km round-trip Total Ascent: 600 m Elevation of Objective: 2460 m Total Time: 4h 31m This post was updated July 27, 2021 with some map improvements to more closely match […]

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Hiking with kids

July 9, 2017. Today was day 2 of a short family hiking vacation. We did this last year with our kids, doing one short hike a day. Last year we hiked Rawson Lake, Ptarmigan Cirque, Grassi Lakes and Elbow Lake. This year we only have 3 days but the intent is the same: short, fun […]

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Ptarmigan Cirque

July 8, 2017. This was a family outing with kids, aged between 5 and 11. Ptarmigan Cirque is definitely in my top 3 in terms of best hikes to do with kids (Grassi Lakes and Bear’s Hump would be the other 2 on that list). There’s a bare minimum of uphill slog followed by amazing […]

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Table Mountain

June 24, 2017. Table Mountain is in the Castle Wilderness area in Alberta, overlooking Beaver Mines Lake. It’s a challenging hike/easy scramble, with variable options to get to the top. Ambrosi describes the on-trail approach in his Southern Rockies Trail Guide, and Nugara describes a scramble route in More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. Since this was […]

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