Crowsnest Ridge

March 13, 2021. A snowshoe trip to the top of a low ridge on the Continental Divide. Region: Crowsnest Pass. Traditional Territory of the Ktunaxa and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 9.9 km round-trip to both the main and secondary summit Total Ascent: 594 m Elevation of Objective: 1893 m Total Time: 3h 46m (includes a […]

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Cameron Lake

January 29, 2021. A snowshoe trip to Waterton’s famous Cameron Lake via “Dipper” trail with some off-trail exploration. Region: Waterton Lakes National Park, Traditional Territory of the Blackfoot, Tsuu T’ina, and Ktunaxa First Nations Distance: 12 km round-trip Total Ascent: 210 m Elevation of Objective: 1660 m Total Time: 3h 52m Safety and Disclaimer Note […]

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Mount Bourgeau

July 17, 2020. A full-day hike in Banff to the summit of the most accessible Canadian Rockies peak above 2900 m. Region: Banff National Park. Traditional Territory of the Ktunaxa, Tsuu T’ina, and Blackfoot First Nations. Distance: 25-30 km round-trip (1 of my apps and my Garmin measured the trip at 30 km, another app measured […]

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Lake Minnewanka

July 15, 2020. A short, fun, walk/hike in Banff. Perfect for kids. Region: Banff National Park. Traditional territory of the Blackfoot, Ktunaxa, Stoney Nakoda, and Tsuu T’ina First Nations. Distance: 2.8 km round-trip to Stewart Canyon bridge Total ascent: 49 m Safety and Disclaimer Lake Minnewanka is right outside the Banff townsite. As a result, it is a […]

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Drywood Mountain

July 10, 2020. A full-day excursion involving biking, scrambling and ridge walking in the Castle Wilderness. Region: Castle Wilderness. Traditional territory of the Ktunaxa, Tsuu T’ina, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 25 km round-trip Total ascent: 1417 m Elevation of objective: 2473 m (official summit), 2485 m (ridge high-point) Total Time: 7h 33m Safety and Disclaimer Climbing Pincher Ridge last […]

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Avion Ridge via Goat Lake

June 22, 2020. A bike and hike to a high mountain ridge on the northern border of Waterton Lakes National Park. Region: Waterton Lakes National Park. Traditional territory of the Ktunaxa, Tsuu T’ina, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 21.6 km round-trip (approximately 10 km on bike) Total Elevation Gain: 886 m Elevation of Objective: 2370+ m Total Time: 5h 32m […]

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Mount Ward

June 21, 2020. A straight-forward scramble with impressive views in the Crowsnest Pass. Region: Crowsnest Pass. Traditional territory of the Ktunaxa, Tsuu T’ina, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 4.8 km round-trip from the east shore of Window Mountain Lake Total Elevation Gain: 651 m from Window Mountain Lake Elevation of Objective: 2567 m Total Time: 2h 45m round-trip from […]

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Rawson Lake

February 8, 2020. A popular all-season hike to a gorgeous lake in Kananaskis Country. Region: Kananaskis Country. Traditional territory of the Stoney, Tsuu T’ina, Ktunaxa, Michif Piyii Metis, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 7 km round-trip to and from the nearest part of the lake Total Ascent: 292 m Elevation of Objective: 1997 m Total time: 2h Safety and Disclaimer […]

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Mount Haig

August 3, 2019. A straightforward scramble up a peak on the continental divide. Region: Castle Mountain Resort. Traditional territory of the Tsuu T’ina, Ktunaxa, and Blackfoot First Nations Distance: 12.7 km round-trip Total Ascent: 1400 m Elevation of Objective: 2611 m Total time: 5h 47m Earlier in the summer I had set out to climb this peak, but the […]

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Headwall Lakes

July 22, 2019. A fantastic Kananaskis hike featuring high mountain lakes and waterfalls. Distance: 15.9 km round-trip* Elevation Gain: 475 m Elevation of Objective: 2350 m Hiking time: 5h 46m *The 3 apps I was running to track this hike gave 3 different values for the distance. This was what my Garmin InReach tracked. Published trail descriptions give a […]

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